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Esraa Wael (July 2022)
Smart Group Agency, SGA


You are Smart Group Agency’s Employee of the month!

  We’ve recognized how hard you’ve been working this month, It took a lot of effort for you to fulfill all the requirements with a high-quality level.

  We are proud of your achievement, and we look forward to seeing you managing many more of Accounts.


Congratulations from all of us at Smart Group Agency! Thank you again,

member name
Hayam Said (employee of the year 2015)
Smart Group Agency

We are very pleased and humbly declare that Ms Hayam said is one of the most effective and impressive employee that highly contribute in developing and progressing our company.

It was said that " Those who have the ability to be grateful are the ones who have the ability to achieve greatness.”

Accordingly, she is worthily earned the employee of the year due to her leadership skills and team building abilities that have resulted in successful completion of various projects, her containment to our team has helped us to overcome our problems and obstacles

We are very garteful to your dedication, caring and faithfulness

The difference she make is clearly noticed.she does such a great job , and we hope you can keep on contributing the company’s growth in the future too. 

keep it up


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Samaa Adel (employee of the month 30-11-2013)
Smart Group Agency

We are delighted to announce that Ms.Samaa Adel "Public Relation Manager" has earned the emplyee of the month 30-11-2013

She is very targeted and over achieveing, her way of dealing with customer and great ability in grabbing the client has noticeably contribute in expanding our busniess and opening new market at many regions in GCC areas

Her unique communications skills has helped in improving our image to clients ovearseas and has also facilitate building good rapport with new clients

Well done Samaa

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Aya Hamdy
SGA Recruitment Solutions

We are proud to announce that Ms. Aya Hamdy has worthily earned employee of the month award for May, 2013. Not only that Ms. Aya has proven to be a valuable asset to our company through her extraordinary performance, diligence, punctuality and full dedication to her job, she also has shown impressive attitude and cooperation with all of her colleagues. Ms. Aya has also displayed good customer awareness coupled with balance authority, which makes her a great credit to our company. Ms. Aya’s efforts have resulted in outstanding achievements in our company. Congratulations, Aya! Well done! Keep up the good work and we wish you all the best!

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Employee of the month Announcement
SGA Recruitment solutions

  This is to keep you happily engaged that one of your partner team members Ms.Raghd El Dkhakhny, has earned employee of the month award for November - 2012 as a result of her full dedication and being single handedly accountable for taking care of your business, going the extra mile for effective Employer/Candidate relationship and recording the highest customer satisfaction metrics that is being statistically monitored by our quality  management team .We wish you all the best in your practical life

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